I am happy you have found your way here through the big internet jungle out there.                              

                             A big warm welcome to The Orange Tree Diary!

Who am I?

I am a biologist with a creative mind. Although I already know a lot about nature, my passion is to learn more and more about it and pass it on in an inspirational and creative way. I am involved in many projects about biodiversity and volunteer with my own designed nature guiding. In that way I am hoping to bring people closer to nature.

Why The Orange Tree Diary?

In some cultures, an orange tree symbolises generosity, wisdom and pureness. Which, in my mind, represents a lifestyle that is closer linked to nature.

When I planted a seed from an organic orange, and time went by and the little seed became a little plant I got the idea about a blog called The Orange Tree Diary. I like writing, I like gardening, so why not start growing a garden on my little french balcony and writing about it on this under this cool blog name.

And now?

The blog quickly became a way of documenting what is going on in my garden, and how important it is to work in harmony with nature in order to grow your own food. But I wanted more.

While I still document what is happening in my garden, the blog changed to a more broad focus on nature. I love to write, I experiment on being funny, but most of the time I like to write inspirational. With one foot in nature and one in a creative bliss this blog touches topics which in one or other way is about closeness to nature.

I hope this blog can inspire, educate and put a smile on your face. If not, well, just check out those funny animal clips on Youtube 😉

So here it is; a blog for inspiration, thoughtfulness, creative solutions and wisdom from own experiences, from a biologist thinking outside the box.






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