I am happy you have found your way here through the big internet jungle out there.                              

                             A big warm welcome to The Orange Tree Diary!

Who am I?

I am a ecologist with a creative mind. Although I already know a lot about nature, my passion is to learn more and more about it and pass it on in an inspirational and creative way. I am involved in many projects about biodiversity and volunteer with my own designed nature guiding. In that way I am hoping to bring people closer to nature.

The purpose of this blog?

An ecologist with the urge to express herself in words. What do you do? You start a blogg where you can publish those various thoughts and stories on your mind. This blogg is a platform where you can read some poetry, look at pictures, get inspiration for outdoors, and enjoy essays about humans and nature and other environmental thoughts.

Why The Orange Tree Diary?

In some cultures, an orange tree symbolises generosity, wisdom and pureness. Which, in my mind, represents a lifestyle that is closer linked to nature

And now?

Explore the blog, my writing and words about humans and nature and I hope you will come back for more






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